What I Know About the Average Visitor

I don’t know much about the average visitor to my site. I run Google Analytics, and that provides me with very minimal information about:

  • How many people visit my site.
  • Which website led them to
  • Which pages they visit.
  • What device they use.
  • What browser they are using.
  • Which country they are connecting from.

All of this information is anonymous and I cannot (to my knowledge) access details on individual visitors.

What Do I Do With This Data?

You might be wondering what I do with all the data I have gathered. The honest answer is very little.

I use Google Analytics to help inform me about website traffic and what kind of interest there is in my services. I never pass any of the data I collect (including your email address) to any other third party. I also do not track you beyond I don’t even download that data to my local computer. The only exception is those people who email me directly.

What Do I Do with Information from Those Who Email Me or Send Me a Message from my Online Form?

When people email me or contact me via the form on my website, I do hold some information on them. I keep most of that information on my personal, password-protected and encrypted computer. However, I also have some data in the cloud.

My email is via Gmail. I secure this account with two-step validation, and Gmail offers secure encryption to keep your data safe.

Your information is held securely and never shared with anyone without your permission.

What if You Are Unhappy with How I Hold Your Data?

If any of the above concerns you, let me know. I will happily delete any information I hold on you.

  • If we have worked together on a project, I can delete your information after we are finished, if you so wish.
  • If you have emailed me, just let me know, and I can remove any information I am holding on you.
  • If you don’t like Google Analytics tracking you on this site, then I can recommend many other websites you could use instead (although I cannot guarantee they don’t run Google Analytics).

I hope you can see I am as open and transparent as I can be about your privacy, but if you have any questions please just drop me an email.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 05, 2018.